Our Tennis Courts are unmatched in the area, making The University Club THE Tennis Club in Memphis

In 2013 The University Club underwent a drastic renovation with the second part of it specifically focusing on Tennis. At this time five new Hyrdo Courts, more attractive fencing and new viewing areas were built to enhance our overall tennis experience. The University Club now offers 15 Courts to choose from including eleven outdoor courts (9 hydro-grid and 2 cushioned post-tension concrete courts) and four indoor cushioned courts.

Whether there's rain or shine, the Uclub has proven to be the best tennis country club is town. Our staff maintains the highest levels of consistency to the surfaces, allowing members and their guests optimal playing conditions. The nine hydro-grid clay courts are some of the best soft courts that can be found anywhere. The new LED indoor lighting system is rated at 135 foot candles which is unmatched in the area. The outdoor lighting system is excellent and the new viewing areas now allow our members to see every outdoor court.

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