Guest Rules

  1. All guests can play only once per week. The guest fees will be progressive based upon the number of times the guest plays in a month. The following scale shall apply: $5 for the first time, $10 for the second time, $20 for the third time, $25 for the fourth time and a $30 fee for the fifth time. As an exception to the progressive fee scale, guest fees for members of Memphis Country Club and Chickasaw Country Club shall be $8 per visit. 
  2. Outside of USTA, tennis guests (including reciprocal club members) shall be permitted to play at the Club no more than once per week (guest fees apply for all). USTA team participants who are tennis guests are limited to one USTA match and one additional Club visit per week, including clinics.
  3. Up to three tennis guests are permitted if they are accompanied on the court by a member, or the spouse or eligible child of a member.
  4. Non-members are not permitted to take lessons at the Club unless sponsored by a member who is expected to be on Club property, except as it relates to the out of town guest plan, whereby guests from outside the Memphis metro area (at least 50 miles from the Club) may use the Club facilities without the member being present. The member must be responsible for obtaining a guest pass from member services for their guest.
  5. Guest fees and charges shall only be billed to a member’s account.
  6. Non-Club members using the tennis facilities who are Members of reciprocal clubs located within the Memphis metropolitan area must also be a guest of a Club Member who is present at the time, but the guest fee can be charged directly to the non-member’s reciprocal club.
  7. Unmarried members may bring one date to play tennis or to take lessons at a time, without charge, provided the member is present at the Club.
  8. Members who have guests are responsible for notifying the tennis staff of the guest’s visit, paying the appropriate guest fee and for the guest’s conduct and attire. Failure to comply with this responsibility shall make the Member subject to a $25 fine in addition to the applicable guest fees.
  9. It is the responsibility of the Member to sign up for leagues and teams by Club designated deadlines, which shall be posted well in advance, in order to be eligible for league or team participation.
  10. With respect to guests of Senior Members, Senior Associate Members and other Members who are 70 years of age or older, guest fees and the limitation on the number of visits per week shall only apply during Prime Time in order to encourage these Senior Members to participate in Club tennis activities.
  11. Members are encouraged to have guests who are prospective Members of the Club participate in tennis activities. Upon approval of the Director of Membership & Marketing in advance, the guest fee for prospective Club members can be waived for up to four (4) visits; however, the Member must provide the guest with a membership packet and should be prepared to sponsor the guest for Club membership.